Being updated in Spring 2023

We provide customers with a large selection of cut and air-dried hardwoods from Nova Scotia. The lumber is rough cut to approximately 8 foot lengths and various widths and thicknesses are available. We also have a large selection of figured woods such as curly, ribbon and spalted. Please call or ask in store for pricing.


In addition to rough-cut lumber, Atlantic Wood Products can dimension, plane and sand your purchased wood for a nominal fee. Additional processes such as jointing (to create wider boards) or shaping are also available.

See our Custom Work section for details.
ASH: Ash has a coarse grain very similar to oak. The sapwood is preferred and has a creamy white to yellowish color and the heartwood is grey to light brown. Ash is strong and hard with excellent shock resistance and steam bending qualities, making it a popular choice in the manufacturing of chairs and other furniture which have curved pieces. It responds well to hand tool and machining and has good properties for stains. Dimensions - 4/4,5/4,8/4,10/4 | From $4.00 /board foot.

BEECH: can vary from straight and tight, to a spiral interlocked grain with conspicuous rays. The sapwood is whitish to grey, and the heartwood is a grey to a reddish brown. Beech is heavy, hard, and strong, with a high resistance to shock. It’s highly suitable for steam bending and good resistance to abrasive wear. Dimensions: 4/4,8/4. | From $3.50 /board foot.

WHITE BIRCH: has a fine grain with a uniform texture, and its color ranges from white to yellow. It is moderately hard, heavy, and strong with good working qualities. Spalting occurs in this species of lumber. Dimensions: 4/4,5/4.

Also available in live edge boards up to 2" thick and variable widths. Please call us for details.
YELLOW BIRCH: is the preferred species and it tends to be harder, heavier, and stronger than its relatives. The wood is very lustrous and has a uniform and straight grain texture. It occasionally can have a curly characteristic to it. The sapwood is white to yellowish, and the heartwood is a pink to reddish brown. Works well with machining and good dimensional stability. Dimensions: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4. | From $3.75 /board foot.
CHERRY: has a straight grain with a lustrous, satiny quality. A compelling feature is its signature reddish brown color coming from the heartwood. The wood is dimensionally stable with medium density, strength, and bending properties. The heartwood is very resistant to decay. It machines well and can be finished to a high lustre. Dimensions: 4/4, 8/4 :
ROCK MAPLE: has a close, uniform, and straight grain pattern, with a lustrous look to it. The sapwood is preferred, and the color is a creamy white with a hint of reddish brown, and its heartwood is a light to darker reddish brown. The wood is heavy, strong, resistant to shock, and is good for steam bending. Also has a high resistance to abrasion and wear. Rock Maple is easy to machine and finishes very well. Dimensions: 4/4, 5/4, 8/4. | From $4.50 /board foot
FIGURED MAPLES: The rock maple species has figured patterns. One is a bird’s eye pattern that has distinct small dots dispersed in the lumber. Curly maple has perpendicular wavy lines. Dimensions: 5/4. | From $4.00 /board foot.
WHITE MAPLE: has a similar grain pattern as rock maple, a uniform, straight grain. The sapwood is greyish white, while the heartwood is reddish brown. The sapwood and heartwood are both preferred in construction. Soft Maple machines well and is good for holding stains. The softer element allows the lumber to bend with stream, and doesn’t split or puncture easily. Dimensions: 4/4,5/4,8/4 ,10/4. | From $3.50 /board foot.
Curly White Maple is also found in the White Maple species, it forms perpendicular wavy lines in the lumber. Currently in stock: 5/4. | From $7.00 /board foot.
RED OAK: is the most common species of hardwood, it has a open characteristic grain pattern. The heartwood is most preferable and is a pinkish reddish brown. Red oak has rays that show up especially when cut quarter sawn. It is medium in weight, and has good crushing strength, steam bending and wear resistant. The wood is good with machining and stain well to a variety of tones. Dimensions: 4/4, 5/4. | From $2.50 /board foot.
WHITE PINE: is classified as soft wood but is desirable for construction. It has a uniform texture, with a straight grain. The sapwood is white tinged with yellow. The lumber is very light weight, soft, stable, and resists warping. Machining is moderate, stains well, and has good puncturing properties. Dimensions: 4/4, 5/4.  | From $2.50 /board foot.
Cedar: is classified as soft wood but is desirable for construction. It has a uniform texture, with a straight grain. The sapwood is light brown tinged with yellow. The lumber is very light weight, soft, stable, and resists warping. Machining is moderate and stains well. Dimensions: various sizes appropriate for mantles.  

All live edge boards are individually priced. Please contact us for details.